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Map to Amanns and Amicks Reservoirs

Here's the big picture.  I'm sure everyone can find their way to Galion.
Note that 61 is the same as 309, once you get close to Galion from either direction.
You are headed for the lakes circled in red just south of Galion.

Amanns reservoir is on top.  Amicks Reservoir is on bottom.  You're going to Amicks.

Here's the details.  The reservoir is clearly marked on 61/309 just south of the Crawford/Morrow county line.  Heading south out of Galion looking right (west), there is a road at the count line, then an entrance to Amanns, then a private home, then the entrance to Amicks.  You are headed for the most south-west area accessible by the roads.  So long as you see road, head that way.  at the north-west most corner of Amicks are the parking lot and observation point for dawn.

The red lines are my not-so-exceptional attempt to draw the roads and parking lots in the park.
The distance from the parking lot to the edge of the lake is closer than it appears.