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“Leading the way to the stars”




Member code of ethics;


Each member of Astronomy for Youth, Inc., is asked to present themselves to the public as well as groups, in a manner that reflects a positive and helpful image.  Members need to encourage visitor participation and assist them with any questions they may have.  At no time will a member present themselves in a way that is offensive to visitors.  We insist that you do not use AFY, Inc., as a platform for another cause and/or for personal gain. With this in mind, Astronomy for Youth, Inc. will be able to share with the membership a high level of comraderie and educate in a unique and enjoyable manner as to inspire others in the area of astronomy.


As Astronomy for Youth, Inc, is a new club new member’s ideas are needed and welcomed.  It is important to the board of AFY that its membership has a voice and input pertaining to the direction, and future of AFY.  Membership participation is only limited by each individual’s desire to participate in activities, programs ect…